Longitudinal definition, of or relating to longitude or length: longitudinal measurement. See more longitudinal definition: 1. used to refer to lines or distances east or west of an imaginary line between the North Pole and. Learn more lon·gi·tu·di·nal (lŏn′jĭ-to͞od′n-əl, -tyo͞od′-, lôn′-) adj. 1. a. Of or relating to longitude or length: a longitudinal reckoning by the navigator; made longitudinal measurements of the hull. b. Concerned with the development of persons or groups over time: a longitudinal study of twins. 2. Placed or running lengthwise: longitudinal. Find 18 ways to say LONGITUDINAL, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus Longitudinal definition: A longitudinal line or structure goes from one end of an object to the other rather than... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example

Longitudinal is a geometric term of location which may refer to: . Longitude. Line of longitude, also called a meridian; Longitudinal engine, an internal combustion engine in which the crankshaft is oriented along the long axis of the vehicle, front to back; Longitudinal mode, a particular standing wave pattern of a resonant cavity formed by waves confined in the cavit Longitudinal studies employ continuous or repeated measures to follow particular individuals over prolonged periods of time—often years or decades. They are generally observational in nature, with quantitative and/or qualitative data being collected on any combination of exposures and outcomes, without any external influenced being applied A longitudinal study is a type of correlational research study that involves looking at variables over an extended period of time. This research can take place over a period of weeks, months, or even years. In some cases, longitudinal studies can last several decades A longitudinal study (or longitudinal survey, or panel study) is a research design that involves repeated observations of the same variables (e.g., people) over short or long periods of time (i.e., uses longitudinal data).It is often a type of observational study, although it can also be structured as longitudinal randomized experiment.. Longitudinal studies are often used in social.

A longitudinal strain is defined as. Change in the length to the original length of an object. It is caused due to longitudinal stress and is denoted by the Greek letter epsilon . Longitudinal Strain Formula. Consider a cylinder. When that longitudinal stress acts on it, there will be a change in the length of the cylinder Longitudinal surveys are flexible: Although a longitudinal study can be created to study a specific data point, the data collected can show unforeseen patterns or relationships that can be significant. Because this is a long-term study, the researchers have a flexibility that is not possible with other research formats The nail plate is a hard, translucent structure made of keratin. It is not normally pigmented. Melanocytes typically lie dormant in the proximal nail matrix where the nail originates. Melanin is deposited into the growing nail when melanocytes are activated, resulting in a pigmented band — this is longitudinal melanonychia

Longitudinal Data Analysis 1.1 Introduction One of the most common medical research designs is a \pre-post study in which a single baseline health status measurement is obtained, an interven-tion is administered, and a single follow-up measurement is collected. I Longitudinal vs Transverse Section When the anatomical structures of animals and plants are studied, the longitudinal and transverse sections become extremely important. This importance is mainly due to the unveiling of the hidden tissues and organs through a longitudinal or transverse section Longitudinal vs cross-sectional studies. The opposite of a longitudinal study is a cross-sectional study. While longitudinal studies repeatedly observe the same participants over a period of time, cross-sectional studies examine different samples (or a cross-section) of the population at one point in time Use the adjective longitudinal to describe something that takes place over a long period of time, like a study of the lifetime eating habits of people who live on islands Longitudinal melanonychia is common in people of African descent but can also be caused by nail trauma or systemic disease. Other causes include nail infections and cancer. A rare form of melanonychia, called transverse melanonychia, is recognized by a darkened line that runs side to side along the nail plate

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  1. Longitudinal studies: Studies where a response is observed on each subject/unit repeatedly over time are commonplace, e.g., † Clinical trials, observational studies in humans, animals † Studies of growth and decay in agriculture, chemistry Key messages in this talk
  2. longitudinal翻譯:經線的, (身體或身體部分)縱向的, 縱向研究,縱貫研究。了解更多
  3. longitudinal ( adj.) of or relating to lines of longitude; longitudinal reckoning by the navigator. longitudinal ( adj.) running lengthwise; longitudinal measurements of the hull. a thin longitudinal strip. longitudinal ( adj.) over an extended time
  4. As adjectives the difference between horizontal and longitudinal is that horizontal is perpendicular to the vertical; parallel to the plane of the horizon; level, flat while longitudinal is relating to length, or to longitude. As nouns the difference between horizontal and longitudinal is that horizontal is a horizontal component of a structure while longitudinal is any longitudinal piece, as.
  5. e the effect of treatment on the disease process over time. This paper reviews and summarizes much of the methodological research on longitudinal data analysis from the perspective of clinical trials. We discuss methodology for analysi
  6. longitudinal. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Examples from the Corpus longitudinal • Most agree that there is considerable merit in using the longitudinal approach Piaget used. • Muscle strips were mounted with the longitudinal axis parallel to the direction of the circular muscle bundles. • Unfortunately, with a.

longitudinal research: A long-term study of a cohort (a group of subjects born during a particular time period) that determines the natural history of an illness or the enduring effects of a treatment. See also: researc longitudinal study. An epidemiologic study that follows a population forward over time, evaluating the effects of one or more variables on a process. If individuals are followed, it is termed a longitudinal cohort study. If classes—e.g., age classes—are studied, it is a longitudinal cross-sectional study

This animation provides a brief introduction to longitudinal studies and how they can help us understand how life is changing. It is the first in a series of.. Longitudinal stress is defined as the stress produced when a pipe is subjected to internal pressure. The direction of the longitudinal stress in a pipe is parallel to the longitudinal axis of its centerline axis, which means that the stress acts in the direction of the pipe's length

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The National Institute on Aging's Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA) is America's longest-running scientific study of human aging. BLSA answers critical questions about what happens as people get older Longitudinal and Transverse Wave Motion. Mechanical Waves are waves which propagate through a material medium (solid, liquid, or gas) at a wave speed which depends on the elastic and inertial properties of that medium. There are two basic types of wave motion for mechanical waves: longitudinal waves and transverse waves The Seattle Longitudinal Study (SLS) begun in 1956, is considered to be one of the most extensive psychological research stu dies of how adults develop and change through adulthood. The SLS is unique as a cohort-sequential longitudinal study, examining cognitive and psychosocial change in multiple birth cohorts over the same chronological age span Longitudinal research refers to research that investigates events or phenomena over an extended period of time. Longitudinal research studies can be as brief as 1 or 2 years, for example, when evaluating the effects of a particular learning strategy, technique, or treatment. They can also run over several decades, as when examining changes in adult [ The High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 (HSLS:09) is a nationally representative, longitudinal study of more than 20,000 9th graders in 944 schools who will be followed through their secondary and postsecondary years

Longitudinal studies make an effort not to manipulate the environment. This is the advantage of the observational approach that is used with this type of study. Instead of manipulating the environment to produce data, researchers simply collect the data that they can detect with their 5 senses Longitudinal studies indicate significant local or regional differences among brain regions in shrinkage rate. Association cortices (e.g., prefrontal, inferior parietal) show the greatest rate of change, with temporal cortex following, and occipital (primary visual cortex) showing minimal change. Longitudinal studies, in contrast to cross. Longitudinal waves transmit energy by compressing and rarefacting the medium in the same direction as they are traveling. Sounds waves are longitudinal waves and travel by compressing the air through which they travel, causing vibration. Light, X-rays, and microwaves are all examples of electromagnetic waves; even if you cannot recall if they. 308 opposites of longitudinal- words and phrases with opposite meaning. Lists. synonym

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These longitudinal processes run much faster than the cross and base above. We call them the longitudinal or simply long runs, because they make use of common information taken from the template. You can now continue with the next section (inspecting the data). If you want to learn about the exact commands for processing your data, click here In a longitudinal wave, the displacement of the particle is parallel to the direction of the wave propagation. What you see in the picture is the wave front progressing forward and the particles compressing and expanding in the same direction. This kind of wave is marked by periodic compression zones and rarefaction zones, where the medium expands WELCOME! The Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey (CLHLS) has been supported by NIA/NIH grants R01 AG023627-01 (PI: Zeng Yi) (Grant name: Demographic Analysis of Healthy Longevity in China) and P01 AG 008761 (PI: Zeng Yi; Program Project Director: James W. Vaupel), awarded to Duke University, with Chinese matching support for personnel costs and some local expenses Applied Longitudinal Analysis, Second Edition presents modern methods for analyzing data from longitudinal studies and now features the latest state-of-the-art techniques. The book emphasizes practical, rather than theoretical, aspects of methods for the analysis of diverse types of longitudinal data that can be applied across various fields of. Longitudinal analysis across sequential samples highlighted the rapid decline in the IgM and IgA response to all three antigens after the peak OD between 20 and 30 d POS for IgM and IgA.

Longitudinal studies. Chapter 7. Longitudinal studies. In a longitudinal study subjects are followed over time with continuous or repeated monitoring of risk factors or health outcomes, or both. Such investigations vary enormously in their size and complexity. At one extreme a large population may be studied over decades Antonyms for longitudinal include immediate, short-term, cross-sectional, transverse, temporary, brief, passing, momentary, transient and impermanent. Find more. List of Strengths of Longitudinal Study. 1. It Shows Variable Patterns Over Time. The advantage of using longitudinal study is that researchers can determine the patterns regarding a variable in a particular length of time. This is a good way to learn more about relationships having cause-and-effect IQVIA Longitudinal Patient Data (LPD) can provide life sciences companies with bespoke insights on how patients and diseases are treated in the real world. It helps to deliver commercial growth with primary care insights on disease treatment and GP prescribing patterns

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The longitudinal analysis in this work demonstrated that the organism state measured by DOSI follows a stochastic trajectory driven mainly by the organism responses to unpredictable stress factors longitudin a l, ~ă [At: KRETZULESCU, A. 437/10 / V: (înv) lun~, (îvr) ~e ain / Pl: ~i, ~e / E: fr longitudinal] 1 a Care este așezat în direcția lungimii. 2 a Care se întinde de-a lungul.3 a Care este paralel cu lungimea unui corp, a unui obiect etc. 4 av În lung.5 sf Nervură metalică aplicată în sens longitudinal (1) pe fundul unei nave, pe bordaje sau sub punte, pentru a întări. So I came up with my own version: Longitudinal starts on one side with Judy's Magic Cast-On, is knit lengthwise across to the other side and grafted, so the flow of colors is perfectly preserved. Garter stitch makes the color changes even more interesting and the sock a very easy knit - no purling required Synonyms for longitudinal in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for longitudinal. 3 words related to longitudinal: lengthways, lengthwise, long. What are synonyms for longitudinal Longitudinal is an antonym of lateral. As adjectives the difference between longitudinal and lateral is that longitudinal is relating to length, or to longitude while lateral is to the side; of or pertaining to the side. As nouns the difference between longitudinal and lateral is that longitudinal is any longitudinal piece, as in shipbuilding etc while lateral is an object, such as a passage.

Longitudinal study. Cross-sectional studies are quick to conduct as compared to longitudinal studies. Longitudinal studies may vary from a few years to even decades. A cross-sectional study is conducted at a given point in time. A longitudinal study requires a researcher to revisit participants of the study at proper intervals Longitudinal wave, wave consisting of a periodic disturbance or vibration that takes place in the same direction as the advance of the wave. A coiled spring that is compressed at one end and then released experiences a wave of compression that travels its length, followed by a stretching; a poin Just enter the required parameters, internal pressure (P), diameter (D) and thickness (T) respective in both Hoop and Longitudinal stress calculator. Units can be; N/mm^2 for P, mm for D, mm for T and N/mm^2 for example. Consistency of units for stress calculator is most important thing Longitudinal data analysis for biomedical and behavioral sciences. This innovative book sets forth and describes methods for the analysis of longitudinaldata, emphasizing applications to problems in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. Reflecting the growing importance and use of longitudinal data across many areas of research, the text is.

The uterine cervical longitudinal axis was measured when at least three of the following five recognition points on the plane were clearly visible: (1) the external cervical os, (2) the internal cervical os, (3) the cervical canal, (4) the cervical/vaginal interface, and (5) the cervical corpus [10]. The Effect of Anterior Uterocervical Angle. A longitudinal study is correlational research which follows one group of individuals over a long period of time. It can involve a cohort study, a panel study, or a retrospective study Longitudinal Transition Study-2 (NLTS2) Prepared for: Office of Special Education Programs U.S. Department of Education NLTS2 has been funded with Federal funds from the U.S. Departme nt of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, under contract number ED-01-CO-0003

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A longitudinal or compression wave is created by a disturbance that is along the direction the wave will travel. A transverse wave is created by a disturbanc.. Longitudinal research is useful in testing theory because it allows the examination of causal hypotheses. For example, the researcher can examine the relationship between school failure and delinquency rates and determine if those who fail are more likely to be delinquent than those who succeed in school. Longitudinal research is also useful in. This Advanced Training Institute highlights the range of approaches used in the analysis of data from experience sampling, ecological momentary assessment, daily diary, and other intensive longitudinal paradigms. The training is intended for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and advanced graduate students in the behavioral and social sciences who.

Looking for online definition of longitudinal or what longitudinal stands for? longitudinal is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar Longitudinal wave definition is - a wave (such as a sound wave) in which the particles of the medium vibrate in the direction of the line of advance of the wave Longitudinal coordinates are divided into degrees, minutes and seconds with 60 minutes making up a degree and 60 seconds comprising a minute. For example, Beijing, China's longitude is 116°23'30E. The 116° indicates that it lies near the 116th meridian while the minutes and seconds indicate just how close it is to that line The Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) program is part of the Center for Economic Studies at the U.S. Census Bureau. The LEHD program produces new, cost effective, public-use information combining federal, state and Census Bureau data on employers and employees under the Local Employment Dynamics (LED) Partnership Longitudinal datacan be analyzed with many statistical methods, including structural equation modeling and survival analysis. You only use multilevel modeling if the dependent variable is measured repeatedly and if the point of the model is to see how it changes (or differs)

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Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA) is a convenient way to satisfy Part 3 of the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program. It has started for all diagnostic radiology (DR), diagnostic radiology subspecialty (neuroradiology, nuclear radiology, and pediatrics), radiation oncology, medical physics, and interventional radiology diplomates Bureau of Labor Statistics > National Longitudinal Surveys > Data > NLSY79 Overview NLSY79 Data Overview The NLSY79 is a nationally representative sample of 12,686 young men and women born during the years 1957 through 1964 and living in the United States when the survey began GLS is a simple parameter that expresses longitudinal shortening as a percentage (change in length as a proportion to baseline length). GLS is derived from speckle tracking, and analyzed by post-processing of apical images of the LV. Different software from different manufacturers derive GLS differently The Consortium of Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships (CLIC) is a group of faculty from medical schools around the world who have, or are considering, developing, implementing and studying integrated clerkship models to address core clinical training for undergraduate medical education

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NLSY97 Data Overview. The NLSY97 consists of a nationally representative sample of 8,984 men and women born during the years 1980 through 1984 and living in the United States at the time of the initial survey in 1997. Participants were ages 12 to 16 as of December 31, 1996 It offers an accessible in-depth presentation of two popular statistical methods for analyzing longitudinal data: multilevel modeling of individual change and hazard/survival modeling for event occurrence in both discrete- and continuous-time. In ALDA, using real data from published studies, we take you step-by-step through complete. Core Agencies and Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems: Four state agencies are designated as core agencies within any SLDS: early learning, K-12, postsecondary and workforce. For the purposes of this 50-State Comparison, an SLDS is defined as one with formal connections across two or more of these core agencies Longitudinal studies allow social scientists and economists to study long-term effects in a human population. A cohort study is a subset of the longitudinal study because it observes the effect on a specific group of people over time. Quite often, a longitudinal study is an extended case study, observing individuals over long periods, and is a purely qualitative undertaking National Longitudinal Study of 1972. The National Longitudinal Study of the High School Class of 1972 (NLS-72) was the first secondary longitudinal study conducted by NCES. NLS-72 collected data from 1972 high school seniors until 1986. Learn more about NLS-7

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But longitudinal stability about the lateral axis is considered to be the most affected by certain variables in various flight conditions. As we learned earlier, longitudinal stability is the quality which makes an airplane stable about its lateral axis. It involves the pitching motion as the airplane's nose moves up and down in flight Longitudinal and Life Course Studies. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE JOURNAL HAS A NEW WEBSITE. THIS WEBSITE IS FOR ARCHIVE PURPOSES ONLY. As of 2019, the journal is published in partnership with Bristol University Press. View the journal homepage for our current information and policies. Volumes 1-9 are available online free of charge - go to. The Minnesota Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children began in 1975 and is currently in its 36th year. We are focusing on social relationship experiences: how people think about their experiences, risk and protective factors, and issues of continuity and change. The overarching goal of the project has been to trace the course of individual. The Longitudinal Business Database (LBD) restricted-use microdata is accessible only to qualified researchers for approved projects in secure Federal Statistical Research Data Centers.By itself or linked to other Census products, the LBD provides important new insights about business formation and growth, the nature of competition, labor market dynamics, the nature of business cycles, the.

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Sound waves are longitudinal in nature and propagate in the form of compression and rarefaction in a medium, at the speed of sound. The speed of sound in standard air is 340 meters/sec (1115 feet/sec). Nikola Tesla insisted his electrical transmissions were longitudinal in nature, and thus similar to sound waves Data. LEHD makes available several data products that may be used to research and characterize workforce dynamics for specific groups. These data products include online applications, public-use data, and restricted-use microdata. The Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI), LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (LODES), Job-to-Job Flows.

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ABIM's Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA™) for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) - launching in 2022 - is designed with physicians' personal and professional needs in mind: greater flexibility, more convenience, and faster feedback The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) is an ongoing longitudinal population-based study that recruited pregnant women residing in Avon (South-West England) with expected delivery dates between 1 April 1991 and 31 December 1992 Longitudinal research requires a larger sample size, which means there is a larger cost involved in contacting subjects to collect data. It is also a long-term form of research, which means the costs of the study will be extended for years, or decades, when other forms of research may be completed in a fraction of that time Longitudinal data have shown that prior attainment is the key driver for children's outcome during school years, resulting in school reform emphasis on improving standards and increasing attainment. Increasing understanding of the gaps between rich and poor, based on longitudinal research evidence, has resulted in policies targeting people. Panel/longitudinal data Take full advantage of the extra information that panel data provide, while simultaneously handling the peculiarities of panel data. Study the time-invariant features within each panel, the relationships across panels, and how outcomes of interest change over time

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Longitudinal data (also known as panel data) arises when you measure a response variable of interest repeatedly through time for multiple subjects. Thus, longitudinal data combines the characteristics of both cross-sectional data and time-series data. The response variables in longitudinal studies can be either continuous or discrete The Malawi Longitudinal Study of Families and Health (MLSFH) is one of very few long-standing publicly-available longitudinal cohort studies in a sub-Saharan African (SSA) context. It provides a rare record of more than a decade of demographic, socioeconomic and health conditions in one of the world's poorest countries The Longitudinal Ambulatory Care Experience (LACE) is a unique part of the undergraduate medical education curriculum at the UCR School of Medicine. The program bridges the gap between classroom learning and clinical application by providing our first-, second-, and third-year students hands-on clinical experience with community-based primary. A longitudinal joint is the interface between two adjacent and parallel HMA mats. Improperly constructed longitudinal joints can cause premature deterioration of multilane HMA pavements in the form of cracking and raveling (Figures 1 and 2). These distresses, caused by relatively low density (high air voids) and surface irregularity at the joints, can largely be avoided through proper.

The solution: an animation to visualize particle motion and pressure for longitudinal sound waves. The particular example of a standing wave that I want to illustrate is a standing sound wave in a pipe that is forced (by a moving piston or loudspeaker) at the left end and closed at the right end Cooper Center Longitudinal Study Overview. The Cooper Center Longitudinal Study (CCLS) is the principal research asset of The Cooper Institute. The data collection began with Dr. Cooper's first patient in December 1970 with information meticulously recorded on index cards and stored in a shoe box. Dr. Cooper recognized the need for irrefutable research on fitness and activity and had the. The longitudinal model structure addresses the issue of varying library sizes by incorporating an offset variable of the log number of sequence reads for each sample. The model values from the longitudinal submodel are incorporated into the time-to-event submodel in the form of scaled relative abundances Longitudinal part of Rectangular Duct is the length, while Transverse part is the width. SMACNA refers to the Longitudinal as a seam and Transverse as a joint. A seam is securing together two longitudinal oriented edges of duct in the direction of airflow. A joint is the Transverse connection that connects the end of one duct section to another Longitudinal Ordinal and Nominal Data . Reading material: Hedeker, D. (2008). Multilevel models for ordinal and nominal variables. In J. de Leeuw & E. Meijer (Eds.), Handbook of Multilevel Analysis. Springer, New York. (pdf file) Slides: Mixed Models for Longitudinal Ordinal and Nominal Data (pdf file) Examples using SAS: schzonl.sas - SAS code for mixed-effects proportional odds regression.


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in longitudinal data • The purpose of this talk was to provide a demonstrate of methods for evaluating longitudinal invariance, not to make conclusions about the PTRS or Getting Ready Project. Because of attrition, and consequently a reduced sample size at times 3 and 4, statistical inferences are likely biase The Early Childhood Longitudinal Studies (ECLS) program offers the first nationally representative study of early childhood development and education in the United States. The ECLS program currently has three separate longitudinal studies fielded by the National Center for Education Statistics: The Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99; the Early Childhood. The longitudinal axis of an aircraft is more or less a straight line through the aircraft's nose cone or prop hub and the endpoint of the fuselage (the aircraft's center of gravity will usually lie along or just slightly above/below this line as well). It is the axis around which the aircraft rolls, controlled by the ailerons Background A growing body of research has confirmed that workplace bullying is a source of distress and poor mental health. Here we summarize the cross-sectional and longitudinal literature on these associations. Methods Systematic review and meta-analyses on the relation between workplace bullying and mental health. Results The cross-sectional data (65 effect sizes, N = 115.783) showed. Longitudinal Cracks: Possible Consequences. The causes of longitudinal crack development in the upper stem of TCB are uncertain, but may include the tight clamping of lifting devices. There are two primary concerns with significant longitudinal cracking. If long pieces of concrete are separated from the underlying section, they may be prone to.

Longitudinal research involves study, over time, of a group of people, or of samples from the same population, using records, interviews, or both. Studies which extend over a long period, which are prospective, and which include interviews with the subjects are especially useful. The longitudinal method has been used to investigate criminal. Longitudinal Relations Between Children's Exposure to TV Violence and Their Aggressive and Violent Behavior in Young Adulthood: 1977-1992 L. Rowell Huesmann, Jessica Moise-Titus, Cheryl-Lynn Podolski, and Leonard D. Eron University of Michigan Although the relation between TV-violence viewing and aggression in childhood has been clearl

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Ferrari 488 GTB: Extreme power for unique driving emotions. Sensors pick up the information that you need--vertical, lateral, and longitudinal acceleration are useful for vibration analysis and for creating a profile to test an MGU, inverter or components for long-term durability, he says. Formula E drives electric progress: Its vision is to. In FY 2021, IES began the Using Longitudinal Data to Support State Policymaking grant program to expand state agencies' use of their State Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) for generating evidence in support of education policy decisions. In that year, IES awarded grants for seven projects. These research projects align research with what state. So entwarf ich meine eigene Version: Longitudinal beginnt auf einer Seite mit Judy's Magic Cast-On, wird der Länge nach auf die andere Seite gestrickt und dort mit dem Maschenstich beendet, so dass der Farbfuss perfekt erhalten bleibt. Kraus rechts macht die Farbe noch interessanter und die Socke ist ohne linke Maschen sehr einfach zu stricken

or longitudinal joints that adversely affect wearing surface performance. In addition, the stress-laminated lumber deck will not delaminate over time, which is a problem associated with nail-laminated lumber construction. Another advantage of stress-laminated decks is the length of lumbe An example of longitudinal waves is sound waves etc. A longitudinal wave is classified further into two as, longitudinal wave 1 and longitudinal wave 2. Longitudinal wave 1 is the wave in which a particle or object moves in a horizontal direction and shows a simple harmonic motion to the left or to the right Longitudinal Waves In longitudinal waves the displacement of the medium is parallel to the propagation of the wave. A wave in a slinky is a good visualization. Sound waves in air: are longitudinal waves Longitudinal reporting allows you to view data for your survey questions over time. Using longitudinal reporting you can get a sense for trends in your data in your longer running surveys

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